FURTHERMORE  grants in publishing

a program of the J. M. Kaplan Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can apply?

Organizations in the United States which have tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (and are not private foundations within the meaning of section 107(c)(1) of the code), and state colleges and universities. Furthermore will also consider grant requests from organizations based outside the United States if they have documented equivalent 501(c)(3) status. We cannot make grants to individuals.

2. When should we apply?

You must apply at least three months before the anticipated press date (see question 8 below). Unless you are seeking prepublication assistance (for research or writing), you should not apply before you have a publication plan that enables you to provide every item of information requested.

3. By what means can we submit our grant application?

We accept grant applications submitted online using the grant management software program Foundant Technologies.

4. When will we know if a grant has been awarded?

It takes us approximately three months after the grant application deadline to complete review. Generally, grant decisions are announced around the beginning of June and the beginning of December.

5. Must we meet any geographic requirement?

No – grants have been awarded internationally. However, almost two-thirds of all Furthermore grants have gone to New York State applicants. A large number of the projects concern New York State, New York City, and Hudson Valley subjects.

6. What does a distribution plan consist of?

Promotion, marketing, and sales. We want to know how books produced will reach interested readers.

7. What is a general audience?

Readers who may be acquainted with a subject but are not exclusively scholars or specialists. With rare exception, we have not assisted publication of conference proceedings, newsletters, textbooks, and workbooks.

8. What is a press date?

The time the printer receives material to be printed. Your application must reach us at least three months earlier.

9. What is the publication date?

The time what is being published will be available to its intended readers.

10. What is IRS 501(c)3 documentation?

This documentation is not your sales tax exempt certificate. It is the determination letter your organization received from the IRS confirming your legal status as a 501(c)3 organization. It must be submitted with each application even if you have applied to us in the past. In addition the letter should state that your organization is ‘not a private foundation’.

11. Sample materials

It’s important that our review committee get as clear a sense as possible of what the finished product will be like. For example, relationship of text, illustrations, and captions is of great interest. If sample designed pages are not yet available, work analogous in design and production standards may be submitted in their place.

12. In the event a grant is given, what are the requirements?

Grantees should send us a brief progress report approximately every six months. We ask that our credit line and logo are placed on the copyright page of the finished product as well as mention of Furthermore in the acknowledgments section. Proper wording and placement is extremely important to us. Lastly, we ask to have six copies of the final product sent to us for archival purposes.



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